The ANYTHING CAN BE Fund provides scholarships for kids in need to participate in sports, music, art, leadership, and academic activities.


The fund was started to assist children in Culver City, CA.  Culver City area activity providers like dance & karate studios, soccer & baseball leagues, and boy & girl scout troops can apply for scholarship funds each season.


Activity providers register with the ANYTHING CAN BE Fund and agree to our guidelines.  When a scholarship is required, activity providers apply on behalf of the participant and are paid directly from the fund. 


Scholarships can be granted to children age 5 to 17 in the Culver City area. If your child has a desire to participate in an activity but you require financial assistance, contact us to locate a qualifying activity provider.


Scholarships are granted for activities that develop skills, provide opportunities for leadership and self-expression, and build confidence. Examples include music lessons, art and dance classes, team and individual sports, martial arts, scouting, and academic clubs.


We believe that every child should have the opportunity to participate in skill-building activities that can often be cost-prohibitive. 

Research shows that kids from low-income families will develop confidence and fuel their fire for success if they have more opportunities to participate. We believe that these scholarships make a difference.